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About Milwaukee Realty Incorporated
Milwaukee Realty first started Brokering properties in 1965 when Janet Solomon opened her office at the Knickerbocker on Juneau Ave. Even at that point in time, Milwaukee Realty worked with buyers and seller of residential properties and also worked with investors for Commercial and Multifamily real estate.

At that time sellers of commercial and investment properties wishing to avoid or defer capital gains tax were required to actually trade property for property. Today, rules regarding differing capital gains tax have been relaxed and sellers can actually sell the property as long as they deposit the money with a title company and purchase a similar property in 6 months, They defer the taxes until they eventually sell the property. So in today's market, we don't see as many actual trades.

There are still some situations where buyers and sellers agree to actually trade. David Price took over as Managing Broker / Owner in 2005. Since then, Milwaukee Realty Inc has continued to grow. We still Brokers all kinds of Real Estate from Vacant Land to Multifamily; specializing in Downtown Condos and Metro Milwaukee Multifamily.



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