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Milwaukee Property Management. We manage Residential single-families, Condos, Commercial and Multi-Family units in the Metro-Milwaukee Area. Our charge for commercial properties, Multi-families over 12 units is a straight 6% of scheduled rent. Residential and small multi-families or small commercial properties are a little different and I can provide a price quote upon request. All fees include minor maintenance. Please contact our David Price at (414) 224-7200.

Most of our clients live outside the state and they want someone to handle the tenant management process from start to finish. We look at the market and the property and give our suggestion on pricing of rent. We handle advertising and showing the property. We take the application from the tenant and do background check to make sure they are a good fit; we verify employment and rental/ownership history. Assuming they are tenant worthy we prepare a year lease, have them and the owner sign the lease, take the security deposit( which goes to the owner) and guide them through the move-in process. We enter the property once a quarter to verify that they are keeping the property in good condition. Once they are moved in we collect the rent and deposit into your account monthly. If they are late, we take appropriate measures to remedy the situation. We screen the tenants very well to limit the occurrence of late rent. We work hard to manage the property as if it were our own. We charge a management fee of $125 a month for single families. It usually takes a month to find the right tenant assuming the rent is priced correctly. If there is an problem like a leaking toilet or faucet we get the call at 1:00 AM and fix it. Some owners have their own contractors if not we certainly do. We fix the problem as quick as possible and as affordable as possible. Whatever charges there are get passed along to the owner. See the attached sample property management agreement. It authorizes me to spend $50 a month in advertising when the unit is vacant and $250 a month if there is an emergency.Give us a call with specific questions or scenarios 414-224-7200

Welcome to the area for Property Management information section for Milwaukee, Bayview, Shorewood, Greenfield, Delafield, Whitefish Bay and surrounding Milwaukee County areas. When considering Real Estate Management, the Company can be as important a consideration as the real estate itself.


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